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NIMCO is all-Czech brand of bathroom accessories and products for furnishing bathrooms which has been operating on market since 1998. It is a registered trade mark of the Czech company Romvel s.r.o. with the place of business in Liberec, Czech Republic. Since 1998 the first products of NIMCO have been successfully distributed into the network of retail stores specialized in bathroom furnishings throughout Czech Republic. At the beginning of its existence, NIMCO offered two basic bathroom series made of chrome: white komaxit (powdered varnish surface finish) and also chrome with gold surface finish which used to be favorite in these times. The range of products expanded very soon and offered two luxury series. The one was made of chrome with composed parts made of matt white or blue glass. The other was slightly eccentric with modern design. Soon afterwards, NIMCO has added all-purpose range of products like grab bars, cosmetic mirrors and wire program. In 2003 NIMCO presented its products at building trade fair in Brno for the first time and in the following year 2004 it began to export products into neighboring Slovakia. Later Russian and Slovene customers got interested in NIMCO looking for suitable products to furnish hotels and other accommodation facilities. Every second year NIMCO has been building a stand at building trade fair in Brno to acquire distribution partners. New products are regularly added every year. In 2011 a large amount of news was launched. Among these, there are particularly new glass accessories and new modern bathroom series Kibo. Since 2013 NIMCO has been using new technology and the range of products has expanded with illuminated LED mirrors of various sizes and shapes. At the same time the first free standing accessories made of ceramics, polyresin and wood have been launched. Since 2015 it has offered a wide range of bathroom accessories. Sanitary and hotel programs were added at last.



NIMCO is focusing on function and design, quality and price. The concept of NIMCO products is based on human needs as such. The space in bathroom tends to be very limited therefore it is important to use it well. Nowadays, a range of modern and interesting products have been developing. The original “forgotten room” has changed into remarkably attractive room full of up-to-date technology. These modern trends also influence the development of NIMCO products. Therefore, NIMCO considers not only functionality of products but also design on which high demands are placed.

The aim of the brand is to offer not only functional products and professional design but also high quality products for a reasonable price. The quality is focused on material used, processing and surface finish and finally on production technique.  NIMCO offers products made of brass or stainless steel with extended warranty period on the function of products for 10 years. These products are manufactured and tested according to highest quality standards. For the needs of those who do not want to invest much, NIMCO offers products of so called economy series made of zinc alloy and stainless steel with extended warranty period on the function of products for 5 years.




Our main aim is to fulfill customers’ expectations and demands. The quality and availability is firmly embodied in the strategy of our company. We focus our attention on meeting the customers’ requirements of quality, realization and price. Among the wide range of products, we put an emphasis on functionality and attractive design. This is NIMCO.

NIMCO is pure style which breathes new life into your home.

NIMCO is a simple solution with no effort. 



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