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1. Collect from NIMCO

The goods are given to a customer at sales department NIMCO, street Dr. Milady Horákové 561/86a. This delivery option is free of charge.

2. Mail order service

The goods are delivered to the customer by a transport company. Available goods are usually dispatched within 24 hours.

Postage and packing make:


CZK   115,-  Czech Republic

CZK   300,- / € 12,00  Germany, Slovakia

CZK   475,- / € 19,00  Hungary, Poland, Austria

CZK   500,- / € 20,00   Lithuania, Slovenia

CZK   750,- / € 30,00    Belgium, Estonia, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom

CZK   1000,- / € 40,00     Croatia, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Ukraine

CZK   1350,- / € 54,00     Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Corsica, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Greece, Serbia, Spain, Sweden


In case the goods need to be delivered repeatedly or by other way that is not stated in the order, the buyer is obligated to pay for costs related to repeated delivery of goods.


Free delivery:

The company consigns the goods free of charge in case of orders above the amount in the set currency. On the top bar of the web site set the currency (CZK or €) and on the right side set the country of delivery (Send to). After you click on the shopping cart you can see the amount necessary for free delivery in the stated currency for the stated country.



When taking the consignment from the transport company it is necessary to check if the package is not damaged. In such case make a note about damaged consignment with the driver! This needs to be announced to the Seller immediately.


3. Delivery at the Buyer’s expense

In case the delivery is arranged on the basis of the Buyer’s special requirement, the risk and other costs related to that are beard by the Buyer.



1. Goods can be paid as following:

a) Cash

Payment for goods when collecting them in the NIMCO store, Dr. Milady Horákové 561/86a, Liberec VII.

b) Cash on delivery (Czech Republic only)

Payment for consignment when it is delivered by the transport company postman. Price of cash on delivery is 30,- CZK excluding VAT (Czech Republic only).

c) Bank transfer

After placing the order, the buyer receives an e-mail with the number of bank account and the variable symbol. The consignment is dispatched right after crediting the whole amount to the bank account of the company Romvel s.r.o., registered at Česká spořitelna or ČSOB.

2. The Seller is VAT registered.  The Seller issues a tax document – invoice to the Buyer and sends it together with the consignment or the tax document is issued after the payment of goods and sent to the Buyer by e-mail.


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